Rabu, 28 April 2010

Pidato SBY

Naskah Pidato - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today, Wednesday, April 28, 2010, opened the deliberations of national development plans in Jakarta.

In his speech, the President revealed this meeting is an annual meeting, regular or routine. However, he hoped that the meeting participants do not just see a regular job or routine.

"We recommend that you use this vehicle to collectively formulate development plans which will be launched together so that development is successful," said SBY.

He invites all parties can interact with each other, express opinions, as well as heard. The goal, so that the selected solutions and policies that set exactly the right time to overcome the various problems this year and next.

"I do not want to talk to technical or operational aspects touched," he said. Because, from vice president to the minister, all will menyampaiakan views and thoughts that will be touched by the problem.

The President asked officials to explain clearly the decision, strategy and program of action which has resulted in a working meeting in Cipanas, Peak and Tampaksiring, Bali.

"Prior to convey basic stuff, I am reminded to listen well, do not sleep, do not speak for yourself, if talking to himself on the outside," the President said.

In a speech delivered a few times a government program, the President often times see a meeting participant who was sleeping or talking to himself. In fact, the President often rebuked those who caught the eye SBY spotlight when she was sleeping.

Musrenbangnas was attended by the Vice President, Head of State Institutions, Chairman of Commission I-XI and the House of Representatives Budget Agency, Ministers KiB II, LPNK, SOE Specific, Chairman of University, Academician, Chairman of the Mass Media, Professional Organizations, NGOs, the Governor, Regents, Mayors, Provincial Head of Planning, County and City.

Musrenbangnas this time was different than usual. In fact, according to SBY, more and more crowded until the Head of Bappenas Musrenbangnas mentioned as a tourist.

"It's okay, after working hard in the area, come to Jakarta, to become more advanced," he said. "Shopping secukup alone, then returned to the area with the construction of a new spirit to succeed."

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