Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

The Smart is Enchanting

Childhood Cartoons - MERCEDES-BENZ bring Smart to Indonesia. To be more curious, they bring the Smart faceliftgenerasi kedua.Seperti what form the latest cars from Mercedes-Benz Indonesia PT it? Small cars have not become the primary choice.

Its market share was not as large MPV, but that does not mean that car manufacturers do not dare to market the type of car. The proof is Monday (29/11), PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) has launched the smart little Smart ForTwo. Diektahui Smart is part of Mercedes-Benz Car Group, take shelter under the Daimler AG.

If Mercedes-Benz mobilmobil focus on developing premium, the Smart is more busied himself on the creation of a compact car, innovative, economical, and environmentally friendly. Since created in 1998 and Smart has experienced a one-time overhaul. Well, for Indonesian consumers more tempted PT MBI brings facelift version of the second generation of three types of Smart Pure, Smart Passion, and Smart Cabrio.

For Rudi Borgenheimer, President Director and CEO of MBI, marketing Smart in Indonesia is a long-term strategy of Daimler AG in the country. Primarily to meet the mobility needs of the individual that demands efficiency and fun. "Answering the needs of Indonesian consumers are getting smarter, the car that is efficient, secure, and agile is used in traffic in big cities are getting stuck, we offer the Smart ForTwo," said Rudi.

Smart sold in Indonesia are imported directly from its factory in Hambach, France. Claimed, Smart marketed here can survive in various climates in Indonesia, including the dense traffic. While attending the launch session, direct SINDO Smart smiled with a choice of color.

All three cars are displayed attractively with permainanwarna-warnaberani.Dari outside, cute car with 2 passengers belong to Daimler, the Smart ForTwo like a toy car. The concept of the body that carried sangatkecil, sekecilDaihatsuCeria. The length of the car was only 2.695 meters, 1.559 meters wide, and 1.542 meters high. The front (grill) is very funny, reminds us of the cartoon car owned by Ford, which is the Start. Door handle is located at the edge of the door. Pull it, the door flew open.

Log into the inside of this car, there are only 2 seats. Passenger cabin, especially the dashboard looks simple, but the shape is very futuristic. Seen from the clock that is placed on the rider dashboard.Visibilitas unobstructed passenger cabin although quite narrow. While the keys in it are easy to reach and not difficult for the rider.

Uniquely, there is a car engine in the rear of the front to put mobil.Sementara airwiperdankomponenlainnya. So, owners of these vehicles need to be serious to understand this car. To support the marketing of Smart in Indonesia, MBI offers a package purchase, inclusive of service charge and maintenance of integrated service package (ISP). With this package, Smart owners free of cost of maintenance and repairs during the first three years with no mileage restrictions.

To support the sale of Smart, MBI soon open a special exhibition hall is the first car in Jakarta on Friday (10/12) in EX-Plaza, Jakarta. Currently, Smart just got another dealer, namely PT Mercindo Autorama in Bali. Special to Bali, there is also a unit of Smart for lease. By Dhani M. Yahya, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales of the Smart, which opened two more cities to be dealers are Surabaya and Medan.

"We are preparing the infrastructure first. We not only sell, well servicing, repairs, maintenance and provision of spare parts, "said Dhani. Smart image helped by the Mercedes-Benz as a premium brand. Hence, the targeted consumer segment upper-class individuals who require vehicles that efficiently and conveniently. "Our customer target young people.

From the age of the survey, the average user Smart 38-year-old world, "said Rudi Borgenheimer when launching the car in the X-2, Plaza Senayan. The added value offered by Smart is the fuel consumption is economical and environmentally friendly. Their small size makes the Smart easily parked and through the traffic jammed Jakarta.

However, users struggle Smart in Jakarta was not as easy as expected. Because the regulation of "three in one" build a car with two passengers are not allowed to slide on a certain road space in the morning and evening.

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

A Green Halloween

Kids and adults love Halloween Costume, there is just something fun about the spooky decorations, costumes and candy. But the downside is a lot of waste, luckily it is possible to have a green Halloween with just a few eco friendly tips and some forward planning on your behalf.

1 Choose Your Halloween Candy Wisely

The first place to start is with the Halloween candy, here you need to be thinking about the safety of your children as well as the environment. Try and go for organic treats and candies that aren't stuffed full of artificial ingredients. A trip to your local health food store should present you with a wide number of options. Of course you could also start a new Halloween tradition and bake the treats yourself. The kids will have great fun helping you to bake and decorate Halloween cakes and cookies. Just make sure you have enough to go around when word gets out to those trick or treaters!

2 Be Creative With Your Decorations

Eco friendly decorations are so much more fun than store bought ones. Leave the plastic decorations on the shelf and opt instead for the more natural look. You can decorate your home with pumpkins, apples, leaves and candles. A little imagination is all you need to give your home the Halloween wow factor! If you are hosting a party then stick to reusable plates and cutlery instead of throw away items so that you can do what is best for the environment. If you are worried about using your best crockery pick up some cheap plates from the local dollar store, you can use them for other occasions such as Christmas so they'll work out cheaper than disposable items in the end.

3 Recycle Your Halloween Costumes

No one wants to wear the same old Halloween costume year after year, but buying new costumes isn't very eco friendly. Instead of buying new why not see if you can swap costumes with friends and family. Or take your old costumes and turn them into something new. You can re-use parts of old costumes and pick up new items from charity and thrift stores to create a wonderful unique Halloween costume that your friends will envy.

4 Reusable Halloween Loot Bags

If you're heading out trick or treating then you will need a loot bag to carry all of the treats and candies you'll collect. Avoid the plastic bags that most stores have to offer and instead opt for a canvas bag that you can use for years to come. You can have some great family fun if you buy some plain canvas bags and use your craft supplies to decorate them in a spooky fashion.

5 After The Halloween Fun Is Over

To make sure your Halloween is really eco friendly you need to keep thinking green even after the Holiday has finished. Don't just throw everything away, you can use that pumpkin for compost and pack away the decorations that will keep for next year. Make sure you clean your Halloween costume and put that away safely for next year too. If you think you won't wear it again then offer it to a friend or donate it to charity.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Eksekutif Nokia

Harga Nokia X5 - Pergantian jajaran eksekutif di tubuh raksasa ponsel asal Finlandia Nokia, nampaknya masih akan terus berlangsung.

Nokia X5 - Setelah beberapa bulan lalu santer beredar rumor mengenai pergantian pucuk pimpinan, akhirnya pekan lalu Nokia mengangkat Chief Executive Officer barunya, Stephen Elop untuk menggantikan Olli-Peka Kallasvuo.

Awal pekan ini Executive Vice President dan General Manager of Multimedia Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, juga mengakhiri 19 tahun perjalanan karir di Nokia, bertepatan dengan ajang Nokia World 2010 yang digelar di London Inggris.

Namun tak berhenti sampai di situ, hari ini, situs Computerworld juga mengkonfirmasikan bahwa Chairman Nokia Jorma Ollila, juga akan mundur pada 2012, setelah menjadi Chairman sejak 1999.

Ollila terlebih dahulu akan membantu upaya Nokia untuk melakukan penyegaran di sektor ponsel pintar sekaligus membuka jalan bagi Stephen Elop menjadi CEO yang dipilihnya.

Di ajang Nokia World 2010 sendiri, Nokia juga mengumumkan tiga ponsel unggulannya menyusul Nokia N8, yakni Nokia E7, C7, dan C6.

"Hari ini, perlawanan kami terhadap kepemimpinan smartphone telah siap pada kecepatan tinggi," ujar Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Markets, Nokia, seperti dikutip dari Computerworld.

Namun, perginya beberapa tokoh papan atas tadi, dianggap bekas Head of Symbian User Experience Juhani Risku, belum cukup bisa mengatrol posisi Nokia.

Juhani Risku adalah bekas tokoh eksekutif Nokia yang suaranya masih didengar. Ia sempat menghabiskan sembilan tahun di Nokia. Ia juga telah mempublikasikan sebuah buku berbahasa Finlandia yang isinya adalah saran-saran bagaimana menyelamatkan Nokia.

Seperti dilansir situs Techcrunch, Risku menganjurkan lengsernya belasan tokoh eksekutif Nokia lainnya. Mulai dari tokoh senior di bidang desain, di bidang multimedia, di bidang pengembangan Symbian, Ovi, seorang Vice President senior di bidang media, brand, dan beberapa orang di tim Forum Nokia.

Risku bahkan secara terang-terangan menganjurkan agar Nokia memecat Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President dan bos Nokia Design, yang dianggapnya tidak memiliki latar belakang pendidikan, kompetensi, maupun pengalaman desain.

Selain itu, Risku juga menyarankan penambahan kecepatan clock ponsel dan ide-ide baru untuk inovasi, konsep, purwa rupa maupun desain ponsel Nokia.

Ia juga meminta agar semua manajemen lapisan atas untuk bekerja sejak pukul 8 pagi hingga pukul 8 malam dan juga di akhir pekan. "Nokia kini berada di awal drama dunia mobile. CEO Nokia baru Elop membutuhkan semua dukungan yang bisa ia dapatkan," kata Risku.

Minggu, 12 September 2010

Profitez du Wifi

Harga LG - WifiAKSES avantage de l'Internet en utilisant les téléphones mobiles ont fait de multiples utilisateurs de téléphones cellulaires. Actuellement, la pénétration des téléphones mobiles pour accéder à Internet avec des fonctionnalités Wi-Fi encore plus grand. Le prix proposé est également plus abordable.

"Actuellement, il est facile de trouver des points d'accès dans les lieux publics, l'un au centre. Ainsi, il n'est pas surprenant, téléphone portable avec le wifi maintenant très recherché», le commentateur Condro Susanto, Area Sales Manager pour les communications mobiles Surabaya Division LG Electronics Indonésie, hier (8 / 9 ). Nombre de demandes par les différents types de sortie, Condro ajouté, ne voudrait pas descendre les prix du téléphone.

LG Mobile preuve de diligence dans la délivrance d'un nouveau produit qui se concentre sur les utilisateurs des services de données via les téléphones portables. Un des plus récents est le GT350i type. Les types qui font partie d'une série qui Wink en forme avec un écran tactile QWERTY coulissant. Parmi les produits LG, le modèle est presque identique à l'ancien modèle KS360.

»Mais le vieux type qui n'était pas sur le marché. La forme est semblable à la GW525 LG GW620 et», a expliqué Condro expliquer les téléphones vendus dans la gamme de 2 millions de dollars de celui-ci. "Toutefois, le prix de ce produit moins cher. En comparaison avec LG GW525, déjà équipés de type GT350i wifi, dit-il, se référant à des téléphones qui fonctionnent sur le réseau EDGE.

Condro mentionné, ces types de conception appropriée et les adolescents car il a des caractéristiques qui leur conviennent. En effet, l'utilisateur doit se contenter d'un réseau EDGE goût. Comme des générations de Cookie, le téléphone se fonde sur les caractéristiques des réseaux sociaux et la messagerie instantanée.

En fait, au bas des touches de clavier QWERTY, il ya un bouton d'accès rapide aux fonctionnalités de réseautage social et d'un navigateur. En outre, il est facile d'accès pour ouvrir le message court et e-mail. Le support par e-mail''already jusqu'à huit comptes, notamment Google et MSN,''at-il expliqué.

Toute l'écran du téléphone cellulaire peut être changé à volonté. Il ya trois options d'affichage pour faire face, à savoir vivre carrés, des widgets et des listes de contacts. En plus de l'accéléromètre support''was si confortable à porter, même si le téléphone en toutes circonstances,''at-il dit.

GT350i été placés dans 40 Mo de mémoire interne et peut accueillir jusqu'à 8 Go de capacité microSD. maison MicroSD situé dans le côté gauche du corps du téléphone. Pour les coups de vanité, plongé taille 2 MP appareil photo. Sur la droite, il ya un bouton de la caméra rapide, soit d'aller dans le menu et utiliser le tournage caméra.

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Jalur Lingkar Nagreg

Peta Jalur Mudik - Sebelum digunakan mudik Lebaran, jalur lingkar Nagreg akan diuji coba tanggal 28 dan 29 Agustus 2010. "Jalur Lingkar Selatan Nagreg akan diuji coba selama dua hari dari tanggal 28 hingga 29 Agustus 2010 sebelum digunakan pada H-10," ujar Kepala Dinas Bina Marga Provinsi Jabar, M Guntoro, di Gedung DPRD Jabar, Senin (23/8).

Jalur Mudik - Guntoro mengatakan, dalam uji coba tersebut hanya kendaraan roda empat dan dua yang diperbolehkan melintasi jalur tersebut selama uji coba dilakukan. "Semua kendaraan bisa melintasi jalur tersebut kecuali kendaraan besar seperti tronton dan truk fuso," ujar Guntoro.

Guntoro mengatakan, jalur lingkar selatan Nagreg sepanjang 5,1 kilometer ditargetkan bisa dilalui kendaraan pemudik pada H-10. Sementara itu, Dinas Perhubungan Pemprov Jabar dalam menghadapi arus mudik di Lingkar Nagreg sedang melakukan pengaturan traffic light dan rambu lalu lintas.

"Untuk kesiapan menghadapi mudik tahun ini, sedang disiapkan rambu-rambu lalulintas dan traffic light di Nagreg," ujar Kepala Dinas Perhubungan Provinsi Jabar, Dicky Saromi.

Dicky mengatakan, untuk melayani pemudik tidak hanya di jalur Nagreg saja tapi pihaknya sudah minta ke Kementerian Perhubungan agar ada penambahan fasilitas seperti jembatan timbang di rest area di jalan tol yang dilalui sebagai jalur mudik di Jabar.

Selain penambahan fasilitas penunjang, kata Dicky, beberapa ruas jalan di Jabar juga sedang diperbaiki untuk menghadapi arus mudik dan balik Lebaran 2010.

"Kami berharap, H-7 ruas jalan yang diperbaiki seperti Nagreg, Jalan Tol Cikarang, jalur Pantura sudah bisa digunakan untuk arus mudik maupun balik Idul Fitri," ujarnya.

Dishub Jabar menyiapkan empat jalur alternatif utama yang bisa dilalui pemudik yaitu jalur Puncak, (Puncak-Jongol-Cariu-Cilengsi), jalur Nagreg yakni Nagreg (-Cijapati -Cicalengka), jalur Subang (Cikamurang-Subang-Cijelag) dan jalur Indramayu (Jatitujuh-Cikamurang.).

Diky mengharapkan, keempat jalur alternatif bisa mengurangi kemacetan saat arus mudik dan balik Lebaran 2010.

Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

Masih Tentang Hantu

Video Hantu - Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest collection of coral reefs located in Australia made a number of species living strange place with a horrible appearance.

Video - This unique marine animals found at the base of the Great Barrier Reef. The team of researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia using high-tech cameras operated remotely to capture images of life at a depth of about 1500 feet below sea level.

Marine Biologist, Justin Marshall - who led the research team - said the cameras captured a few species, among them, six finned prehistoric shark, fish oil - a kind of Mackerel, Flock crustaceans, and many fish undefined - that looks like creatures in science fiction.

The team also found Nautilius - which is still a family with an octopus - is still alive in its shell, as they did for millions of years.

"Just as understanding life near the sea surface, we have to 'dive' deeper than the walls of Osprey Reef to discover life in the depths of 2000 meters, where sunlight does not reach it," Marshall said as the CNN page is loaded.

The team took taxonomists and natural science experts from around the world to investigate the marine life of Australia's largest biosphere. Also to identify the creatures they find there.

"Makin in reaching the ocean, you will find the species completely new."

This is not just search for new creatures. Marshall said the sea creatures can help researchers to better understand the human brain disorder - which causes abnormal conditions, such as epilepsy.

How? He said, most knowledge about how the function of nerve cells and their communication was first pioneered by research on nerve cell giant squid.

Our lack of understanding of life at sea in triggering debate lately, particularly related to oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I think we are more than a month researching the deep ocean," said Lisa Levin, a professor of marine biology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Tentang Jadwal Kereta Api

Jadwal Kereta Api - Meski saat ini telah memasuki masa liburan sekolah, namun lonjakan penumpang kereta api (KA) melalui beberapa stasiun di Jakarta belum menunjukkan peningkatan. Seperti tampak di Stasiun Kereta Api Senen serta Gambir yang berada di Jakarta Pusat pada Senin (21/6). Meski jumlah penumpang terlihat lebih ramai dibanding hari biasanya, namun suasana arus pemberangkatan dan kedatangan masih tampak normal. Untuk itu, hingga kini, pihak stasiun pun belum berencanakan untuk menambah KA atau gerbong tambahan guna mengantisipasi terjadinya lonjakan penumpang di masa liburan sekolah.

Kereta Api - "Sampai saat ini, jumlah pemberangkatan reguler masih seperti biasa yakni 18 keberangkatan. Jadi belum ada tambahan KA dan gerbong baik itu di kelas ekonomi, bisnis, maupun eksekutif," ujar Tavip Saryono, Kepala Stasiun Senen, Jakarta Pusat, kepada beritajakarta.com, Senin (21/6).

Tavip menjelaskan, masa liburan sekolah ini berbeda dengan libur lebaran, libur nasional, maupun akhir pekan, dimana pihaknya kerap menambah KA atau gerbong. Ia menjelaskan, pada libur hari raya atau libur nasional yang berdekatan dengan akhir pekan, penumpang biasanya akan memanfaatkan liburan tersebut untuk bepergian atau pulang ke kampung halamannya pada hari yang sama. Sedangkan untuk liburan sekolah, penumpang lebih mempunyai waktu luang mengingat waktu liburan yang cukup panjang.

"Jadi kalau lebaran atau akhir pekan ditambah libur nasional itu terbatas liburannya, sehingga penumpang akan berupaya pergi sebelum atau di hari libur itu. Tapi kalau libur sekolah, penumpang lebih santai dan bisa pergi kapan saja karena masa liburan yang lama," jelas Tavip.

Akibatnya, otomatis tidak terjadi konsentrasi kepadatan penumpang di stasiun. Angka keberangkatan penumpang pun masih terbilang normal yakni, 5.000-6.000 per hari untuk kelas bisnis dan ekonomi.

Pemandangan yang sama juga terlihat di Stasiun Gambir, Jakarta Pusat. Meski terlihat lebih ramai, jumlah penumpang yang berangkat melalui stasiun tersebut juga belum menunjukkan peningkatan.

Kepala Stasiun Gambir, Sofyan Hasan, menjelaskan, pihaknya belum melakukan penambahan rangkaian KA atau gerbong untuk mengantisipasi lonjakan di masa liburan sekolah seperti sekarang. Saat ini, pihaknya masih memberangkatkan jadwal reguler yang ada yaitu 28 pemberangkatan setiap harinya. "Jumlah penumpang saat-saat ini rata-rata masih 7.000 per hari," jelas Sofyan.

Kendati begitu, lanjut Sofyan, tidak tertutup kemungkinan pihaknya akan menyediakan tambahan KA atau gerbong bila terjadi lonjakan penumpang. "Mungkin saja akan terjadi lonjakan. Untuk mengantisipasinya, kita akan menambah rangkaian gerbong kereta," tandasnya.