Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

The Smart is Enchanting

Childhood Cartoons - MERCEDES-BENZ bring Smart to Indonesia. To be more curious, they bring the Smart faceliftgenerasi kedua.Seperti what form the latest cars from Mercedes-Benz Indonesia PT it? Small cars have not become the primary choice.

Its market share was not as large MPV, but that does not mean that car manufacturers do not dare to market the type of car. The proof is Monday (29/11), PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) has launched the smart little Smart ForTwo. Diektahui Smart is part of Mercedes-Benz Car Group, take shelter under the Daimler AG.

If Mercedes-Benz mobilmobil focus on developing premium, the Smart is more busied himself on the creation of a compact car, innovative, economical, and environmentally friendly. Since created in 1998 and Smart has experienced a one-time overhaul. Well, for Indonesian consumers more tempted PT MBI brings facelift version of the second generation of three types of Smart Pure, Smart Passion, and Smart Cabrio.

For Rudi Borgenheimer, President Director and CEO of MBI, marketing Smart in Indonesia is a long-term strategy of Daimler AG in the country. Primarily to meet the mobility needs of the individual that demands efficiency and fun. "Answering the needs of Indonesian consumers are getting smarter, the car that is efficient, secure, and agile is used in traffic in big cities are getting stuck, we offer the Smart ForTwo," said Rudi.

Smart sold in Indonesia are imported directly from its factory in Hambach, France. Claimed, Smart marketed here can survive in various climates in Indonesia, including the dense traffic. While attending the launch session, direct SINDO Smart smiled with a choice of color.

All three cars are displayed attractively with permainanwarna-warnaberani.Dari outside, cute car with 2 passengers belong to Daimler, the Smart ForTwo like a toy car. The concept of the body that carried sangatkecil, sekecilDaihatsuCeria. The length of the car was only 2.695 meters, 1.559 meters wide, and 1.542 meters high. The front (grill) is very funny, reminds us of the cartoon car owned by Ford, which is the Start. Door handle is located at the edge of the door. Pull it, the door flew open.

Log into the inside of this car, there are only 2 seats. Passenger cabin, especially the dashboard looks simple, but the shape is very futuristic. Seen from the clock that is placed on the rider dashboard.Visibilitas unobstructed passenger cabin although quite narrow. While the keys in it are easy to reach and not difficult for the rider.

Uniquely, there is a car engine in the rear of the front to put mobil.Sementara airwiperdankomponenlainnya. So, owners of these vehicles need to be serious to understand this car. To support the marketing of Smart in Indonesia, MBI offers a package purchase, inclusive of service charge and maintenance of integrated service package (ISP). With this package, Smart owners free of cost of maintenance and repairs during the first three years with no mileage restrictions.

To support the sale of Smart, MBI soon open a special exhibition hall is the first car in Jakarta on Friday (10/12) in EX-Plaza, Jakarta. Currently, Smart just got another dealer, namely PT Mercindo Autorama in Bali. Special to Bali, there is also a unit of Smart for lease. By Dhani M. Yahya, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales of the Smart, which opened two more cities to be dealers are Surabaya and Medan.

"We are preparing the infrastructure first. We not only sell, well servicing, repairs, maintenance and provision of spare parts, "said Dhani. Smart image helped by the Mercedes-Benz as a premium brand. Hence, the targeted consumer segment upper-class individuals who require vehicles that efficiently and conveniently. "Our customer target young people.

From the age of the survey, the average user Smart 38-year-old world, "said Rudi Borgenheimer when launching the car in the X-2, Plaza Senayan. The added value offered by Smart is the fuel consumption is economical and environmentally friendly. Their small size makes the Smart easily parked and through the traffic jammed Jakarta.

However, users struggle Smart in Jakarta was not as easy as expected. Because the regulation of "three in one" build a car with two passengers are not allowed to slide on a certain road space in the morning and evening.

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