Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Suzuki Titan 115

Suzuki Titan 115 - Although the automatic scooter market continues to climb, motorcycle manufacturers do not forget the loyal market segment on a duck. Look at the Suzuki launch new variant of duck, namely Suzuki Titan. Duck with 115 cc engine capacity is claimed to be able to boost the popularity of the Suzuki that had returned to dim a few times lately.

"Variant Suzuki Titan will replace the old Smash 110cc," said Surya Setiawan, Director of Marketing Sales for Indomobil Suzuki two-wheeler. According to him, since Smash was first released in 2003, conducted refresher Japanese manufacturers are usually only a minor course. However, at this Titan, almost entirely, which looks and engine capacity.

These ducks will start sliding into the market beginning May 25, 2010 is the tag of USD 11 million for the most standard type. Now, with a more sporty appearance and a relatively affordable price, Setiawan optimistic the target will be sold until the end of the year could reach 105 000 units or 16.15% of total sales target this year is the Suzuki 650 000 units.

In the two-wheeler market, Suzuki than two competitors are left far behind compatriot ie Yamaha and Honda. Suzuki market at domestic level is only around 7%, while the Yamaha and Honda motors controlled 91% of the market with excess thin. "Our target this year could penetrate 10% now," Setiawan said.

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