Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Video Luna Maya Ariel

Video Foto Porno Mesum Bugil Bokep Luna Maya Ariel - Luna Maya is not shy anymore to show kemesraannya with Ariel. Luna is also no longer conceal her love story with the widower status men. In fact, this artist said he will always support Ariel ever.

It was said Luna, when asked whether he would soon marry Ariel. Luna admits that he did not want to rush to get married because she did not want to burden Ariel with personal problems. Luna tells Ariel is currently fully concentrate on his career in the music world. This beautiful actress also pledged to provide full support for the man named Nasriel Irham.

"Surely I will always support for Ariel. I never would hamper her work," Luna said when met at RCTI Studio, West Jakarta, Monday, May 31, 2010.

As a form of support that, Luna gives freedom to Ariel to focus work on the album 'Peterpan' new. In addition, Luna also did not want to interfere with his girlfriend when it was working on her new album with the band from Bandung. Moreover, in addition to working on the album, Ariel and her friends also are preparing a new name for the band.

"She's supposed to, his new album out in July. Stages to stay a little longer," he said.

When asked about the saying about the news that Ariel will pursue a solo career, Luna admitted to not know anything about it. However, indo-faced artist is still going to maintain its commitment to always support the beloved career.

"I will continue to support our best to Ariel," he said.

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